Sandbot is an open source multiplayer bot based on HPB Bot by Jeffrey 'botman' Broome. Sandbot aims to provide bots for various GoldSource engine games and mods. It currently supports:

Support for other games and mods is in active development. The first public release of Sandbot was on 2nd May 2016.


v0.4.2 Sandbot v0.4.2 Sandbot v0.4.2
v0.4.1.1 Sandbot v0.4.1.1 Sandbot v0.4.1.1
v0.4.1 Sandbot v0.4.1 Sandbot v0.4.1
v0.4.0.1 Sandbot v0.4.0.1 Sandbot v0.4.0.1
v0.4 Sandbot v0.4 Sandbot v0.4
v0.3.1 Sandbot v0.3.1 Sandbot v0.3.1
v0.3.0.1 Sandbot v0.3.0.1 Sandbot v0.3.0.1
v0.3 Sandbot v0.3 Sandbot v0.3
v0.2.1 Sandbot v0.2.1 Sandbot v0.2.1
v0.2 Sandbot v0.2 Sandbot v0.2
v0.1 Sandbot v0.1